What To Expect

Initial Visit

Your first visit will last approximately 2 hours.  This visit will include a Neurobio-feedback Body Scan and an hour consultation with the Naturopath.  This consultation will focus on your concerns and the reasons for your visit, as well as, the information provided from the scan. Discussion will center on the stresses in your body and the effect of those stresses on your overall health.  Recommendations made may include homeopathy, herbology, essential oils, food supplements, and lifestyle or diet changes.  These recommendations will focus on the elimination of the stressors and the building of your overall health.

Please feel free to bring any personal health information that you would like to share with the Naturopath at this visit.

DO NOT stop taking any medications or supplements that you are currently on.  The supplemental recommendations are made with prescription medications in mind and will not interfere or interact with them.  We understand that it is the desire of some of our clients to no longer need their prescription medications.  We strive to assist our clients with their personal goals so that they can live a life of optimal health.  However, the quitting of medication can be very dangerous and should be done with a physician’s approval.

For your first visit, please download and complete the Initial Visit Form or call us and we will mail them to you.  Bring the completed forms with you to your initial appointment. 

Return Visits

Return visit are generally recommended within 3 months and last approximately 1 hour.  These visit focus on determining the changes in your overall health and any adjustments that need to be made to the recommended protocol.

Financial Investment

  • Initial Visit (Scan and Consultation) $200.00
  • Return Consultation $150.00
  • Pediatric Visit, ages 5 years and younger, (Scan and Consultation) $125.00
  • Other Services are considered separate appointments and are an additional fee
  • Supplements and Homeopathics are an additional fee

Recommendations for nutritional supplements and homeopathics will be made for the support of body function related to the stresses discussed during your consultation.  While these recommendations are essential to the client’s progress, they are not a part of the initial consultation fee and are purchased at the discretion of the client.

We sell products from several different companies.  All of the products are chosen with quality in mind.  Based on raw material source, harvesting methods, purity, quality, integrity, research, and sustainability.  Many of our products are vegan friendly, gluten free, diary free, hypoallergenic.  If there are certain dietary restrictions or other restrictions please let us know.


Most insurances do not cover our services or the recommended supplements.  Some supplemental programs (HSA/FSA) will reimburse their clients when an itemized list is submitted by the client.  This is based on the individual’s program and must be determined by the insurance provider.  Our office does not bill for any insurance claims.

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Patient Forms

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